Invest in children & young people in need when you invest in an Edward Christopher watch

The Manta - A Custom Made Dive Watch

The Edward Christopher Manta is a custom made dive watch, with some striking features, that comes in a range of vibrant colours to suit your mood and clothing.

It's powered by a Swiss automatic movement and has a highly unusual internal rotating bezel, two differently coloured crowns and much more.

Inspired by the Manta Ray

The watch's name is inspired by the beguiling elegance, distinctive beauty and other eye-catching qualities of the Manta Ray. Because…Mantas are truly special.

They're giant, charismatic geniuses. Mantas have huge brains - the biggest of any fish - with especially developed areas for learning, problem solving and communicating.

They're playful, curious and might even recognise themselves in mirrors, which is a great sign of self-awareness. And they're also friendly to humans.

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    Manta - Royal Blue

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    Manta - Forest Green

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    Manta - Regal Red

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    Manta - Sky Blue

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    Manta - Midnight Black

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