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Manta (dive watch)

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Opening Talk with Stand Visitors

  • This is our Manta - a dive watch for everyday a range of colours to suit your varying clothing & moods.
  • Not only that - but 10% of the profits are being donated to children & young people in need around the world...because the business is named after two brave British men, Edward & Christopher, who each saved a child's life, with one of them paying for it with his life. And there's even more behind our brand than this.

Inspired By The Manta Ray

The watch's name is inspired by the beguiling elegance, distinctive beauty and other eye-catching qualities of the Manta Ray. Because…Mantas are truly special.

They're giant, charismatic geniuses. Mantas have huge brains - the biggest of any fish - with especially developed areas for learning, problem solving and communicating. They're playful, curious and are also friendly to humans.

Manta - Front

3D Guilloché Style Dial

Coloured-coded 3D guilloché (pronounced: guee-oh-shay) style kaleidoscopic dial design


Cathedral style design

Dial Ring

Moves both ways as part of the internal rotating bidirectional bezel (when operated by the 2 o'clock crown)


Made from blocks of blue-green Super-LumiNova (to glow even more vividly in the dark)

External bezel (fixed)

Watch Case

Made from 316L marine grade stainless steel

Crown (2 o'clock)

Moves both ways to operate the internal rotating bidrectional bezel

Crown (4 o'clock)

Changes the time (and winds the watch movement)

Manta - Back

Keeper (branded)

Keeps the straps neatly contained so they don't stick out and get in the way


Keeps the straps neatly contained so they don't stick out and get in the way

FKM Rubber Strap

  • Custom made & branded colour-coded quick-release strap in FKM vulcanised rubber (very strong & durable) with stitching
  • Fits (men's & women's) wrist sizes (circumference): 13cm - 20cm

Quick-Release Strap (mechanism)


Custom made (with Edward Christopher engraved on it)

Case Back (Screw-Down)

Manta - USPs & Key Points

  1. Fully custom made (designed from scratch) 40mm dive watch
  2. 3D guilloché (pronounced: guee-oh-shay) style colour-coded dial
  3. Swiss self-winding mechanical movement (Sellita SW200) with time hacking (the second hand can be stopped for setting the the second)
  4. Rare bidirectional internal rotating bezel (operated by the 2 o'clock crown)
  5. Two colour-coded emblem-topped crowns
  6. Loaded with Super-LumiNova (the substance that makes key watch elements glow in the dark): The watch markers are made from blocks (yes, blocks) of blue-green Super-LumiNova. No sparse Lumi lines with our watches!
  7. Colour-coded and branded quick-release FKM rubber (very strong & durable) straps
  8. Power reserve: 38 hours (how long the watch will keep going after last being wound or moved).
  9. Water resistant to 200m/660ft
  10. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal (the glass covering the dial) with a triple-coated anti-glare coating - on both sides.
First World War British soldier in uniform

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