Our Values


Having the freedom to think, feel, speak and act freely, and in a life-enhancing way, is something we should all cherish.

At Edward Christopher, we believe in this freedom. The freedom to create something special. Not just watches that you love wearing, love looking at and love talking about. But also, as our customers, because of how you also contribute to Our Mission

Giving children & young people around the world, who’re faced with very tough challenges, the support, the encouragement and the protection they need. Because, by investing in Edward Christopher watches, you’re also investing in these children & young people.  

You’ve helping to give them opportunities they’d otherwise not benefit from…and therefore giving them the chance for a life-enhancing freedom they also deserve to enjoy.

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We're British. So, along with the Irish, we most probably have the world's best and most admired sense of humour!

We believe that business should be fun as well as (commercially and charitably) fruitful. And if we can make you smile and even guffaw unrestrainedly, then that's got to be good for you!

This is why you'll (hopefully!) enjoy our humour in it various forms when dealing with us - in our written and spoken communications, both online and offline.

Because if this further enriches your Edward Christopher experience...then, what's not to like!

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It takes courage to start a business - in this case, a watch business - from nothing. Even though there's a strong vision and passion behind it. And it takes courage to compete with so many established and accomplished watch brands, quite a few of whom have been in operation for more than 100 years.

But, as well as a love of watches, we chose to have the Freedom to also do something different to so many of our watchmaking colleagues. We have chosen and are profoundly committed to donating an accountant-alarming amount of our profits to those helping support, encourage and protect children and young people in desperate need.

These children & young people, invariably, have required and will continue to require even more courage to overcome their tough challenges to seek a better life. So we believe in leading by example as best we can - for them as well as others.

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