Looking After Your Manta Watch

Thanks for investing in our custom
made Manta dive watch!

This is a simple guide to help you enjoy using it for many years.

So, here are some helpful tips on how to ensure this…

General Maintenance

  • Your watch is powered by a top quality Swiss automatic movement which means that, when you move your wrist, it generates momentum which, in turn, generates the charge to power the watch.
  • This watch is rated at a water resistance depth of 200m/660ft. So please don’t go below that! Mind you, you’d have to be a serious scuba diver to get to those depths.
  • Make sure the crowns are screwed down properly before the watch goes into any water. Otherwise, as I’m sure you can imagine, water could get inside…and…how shall we put this – would spoil things.
  • Your watch is shock resistant when it comes to minor impacts. But, dropping it from an unhelpful height onto a hard surface may damage the movement, as well as the watch itself.
  • And, although we can replace your movement and repair your watch, it would be costly. Just saying.
  • If you’ve used this watch (or any of our watches) in salt water, then it should be rinsed thoroughly in fresh water.

Setting The Time

You have two crowns. And they’re screw-in ones to maintain the high level of water resistance.

So, to change the time, you need to pull out the 4 0’clock crown. Turn it anti-clockwise until it frees up. Then, once that’s happened, turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise to change the time.

In fact, as this watch is fitted with a hacking movement, it means that this process stops the second hand too, allowing you to synchronise your Manta to
the second.

Setting The Dive Bezel Timer

  1. When you’re about to scuba dive, note the time...and move the bezel, you need to pull out the 2 o’clock crown. Turn it anti-clockwise until it frees up. Then, once that’s happened, turn it clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the bezel marker.
  2. Rotate the bezel so that the inward pointing triangular mark on the bezel is aligned with the minute hand of the time past the hour when your dive is starting. So, if your dive starts at 10.07am, then use the 2 o’clock crown (as described before) to rotate your bezel’s triangular marker until it reaches the 7 minute marker on your watch dial. This indicates your start time.
  3. As you’re diving, you can check the elapsed time which is shown by where the minute hand is pointing along the numbers on the bezel. So if, for instance, the time on your watch is 10.27am, the minute hand will be pointing to the 20 minute marker on the bezel…which shows you’ve been diving for 20 minutes.